PUBG Mobile New Update Date & All Returning Mods – Mirror World 1.7

PUBG Mobile New Update Date and All Returning Modes – Mirror World 1.7

PUBG has come with the most anticipated update in 2021 for fans around the world. PUBG mobile scheduled the update release date to November 16. It is expected that the server will remain online during the update push. It only requires a suitable network connection with enough space on the phone to try out the new and exciting content.

PUBG Mobile New Update Date and Returning Mode

As already declared by the developers, the PUBG mobile 1.7 update release date follows for different platforms.


Google Play will start pushing the update by November 16, 2021. The developers on the Official Discord server gave a quick time reference that says that the update push will start near about 6:30 PM IST.

With the new update, many users with old devices or having full space are probably thinking about what space it will take. The good news is that it will take only 690 MB for Android devices to experience the new update.


The PUBG Mobile Metro Royale update 2021 for iOS has an expected release date of November 16, 2021. However, the release time slightly varies from the Google Play as it will start pushing around 08:30 AM IST.

Unlike Android, the update size on iOS will take nearly 1.68 GB which is normally common with Apple devices. So, before jumping into the update, ensure that you have enough space to try out one of the best updates of PUBG mobile in recent times.

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Brand New Mode: Mirror World 1.7

PUBG Mobile is always bringing new things with updates. When the PUBG Payload 2.0 release date was announced, fans got excited about the new modes, PUBG Metro Royale guide, and weapons. Similarly, with PUBG Metro Royale update new Mirror World is the most anticipated mode.

pubg mirror world 1.7 mod

This mode is enveloped by strong energy and emerged as a two-dimension merge. The players can enter Mirror Island to fight as characters from the ARCANE series from the popular League of Legends. The island is floating and can transform characters like Vi, Caitlyn, Jinx, and Jayce. You can explore the story and get access to the new weapons and skills to top the competition.

What’s New in Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Update?

The Royale Pass is always a fascinating and rewarding part of the PUBG Mobile for getting hands-on new in-game accessories. In PUBG Mobile Metro Royale, the Royale Pass month 5 brings the Vanguard and Lethal Creepster. You can get the major reward as a Duty Till the End skin for Kar98K and MK47. Besides that, there are normal rewards that you often get from the RP each month.

Modes Return

When talking about the PUBG Mobile 1.7 Metro Royale start date and all returning modes, here is the breakdown.

  • Metro Royale: It will arrive on 11/22 with the inclusion of the new Carry feature.
  • Vikendi: It will arrive 11/16 with support for the spectating and rooms.
  • Infectious Mode: It will arrive on 11/25 with no room support. It will run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Survive Till Down: It will arrive 11/25 with the room and spectating support. It will run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Runic Power: It will arrive on 11/29 with the room and spectating support and run every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  • Payload 2.0: It will arrive on 11/29 with the spectating and room support. It will run every Monday, Saturday, and Sunday.
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Combat Changes

There are a few combat changes in PUBG mobile new update to fix and balance the game. Here are the highlights of the changes.

  • SLR: An increase in the bullet and recovery speed for added balance.
  • SKS: Increase in the bullet speed with slightly improved recovery speed.
  • VSS: Improvement in the weapon damage.
  • Mini14: Improvement in the damage caused for long-range.
  • Marksman Rifles: Added more balance to the weapon by increasing the damage for long-range. There is an increase in the recovery speed and bullet speed. An improvement is anticipated for curing the cold shoulder caused by the Marksman rifles.
  • DP28: The long-range damage gets reduced with the overall reduced speed and less headshot damage to add more balance to the DP28. The tuning will nerf the overpowered DP28 as it seems to perform well in the game.
  • Carry Feature: Addition of the carry feature to move the knocked-down teammates to other locations and heal them from enemies.

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Experience Improvements

Season C1S3: It arrives 11/19 to 1/17 with the options to redeem the supplies from the past seasons using the exclusive currency. It awards the ability to get exclusive outfits from S1 to S4 with this currency.

Addition of the clearer reminders for the presentation of the information. It makes the combat screen more intuitive and clutter-free.

Many noticeable improvements in the Button Settings screen, Download Scree, and Sensitivity Screen make setting up things easier and setting up controls breeze.

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