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Econia is a mobile game that is a genre twist with elements of MMO, strategy, and economic and city planning simulator game. The app is officially available for free download on November 18th.

New Era in Mobile Gaming Dawns with Econia

Too often, gamers have to put their smartphones aside in search of challenging and rewarding game-play. The Econia developers hope to fix this by opening the mobile gaming market the first of its kind synchronous economic and city-planning simulator , re-imagined within the framework of the concept of massive online simulator games.

econia simulator game android ios

Econia marks an important milestone in the development of the industry, allowing users to act independently in confusing and unpredictable environments.

Become a Modern Tycoon:

All cards in the game are designed for 14 people . Competing against each other in realistic, constantly changing conditions, users are faced with a closed. And highly complex virtual economy – an analogue of the real economic world with its inherent ups and downs.

All game regions are unique, as their development determines the actions of each individual player. Businessmen at Econia simulator game are not only trying to stay afloat and avoid bankruptcy. But they are also really fighting for power, territory and the success of their businesses.

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Solve the Moral Dilemmas:

As the game progresses, users will also need to Solve the Moral Dilemmas inherent in modern business. Should you make a profit at any cost or take into account the negative impact of the business on the environment?

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Every decision you make has consequences that you will have to deal with in one way or another.

This is what is good about Econia. Which gives players freedom of choice and qualitatively reflects the ethical aspects that arise in the process of building any business empire.

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econia simulator game

Typically, economic and city-building simulators offer players a very limited set of actions. On the other hand, econia is a stimulator game. This Combines the play styles of these genres with the uncertainty that makes our life so exciting. Rather than following a fixed number of scenarios with appropriate outcomes.

Econia Simulator Game:

The game evolves on its own path and empowers users to enjoy autonomy. While testing out-of-the-box business strategies in real time. The game for Android and iOS is already on online stores .

Moreover, the mobile release of Econia is only the initial stage of the presentation of the game to the gaming community. In about six months, the developers plan to release an extended version of Econia for PC.

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