Best Pyromancer Builds for Dark Souls 3 – Detailed Guide

Among the many elements and styles of magic found in FromSoftware’s epic Dark Souls 3, the use and effect of fire have always been one of the most important aspects of any build.

In the ever-changing Dark Souls universe, pyromancers have been a constant. So we decided to make a Pyromancer build guide for Dark Souls 3.

This post will show you how to wreak havoc on the hapless enemies and powerful bosses. You can encounter in Dark Souls 3 by burning them. You’ll get rid of your foes in the darkest way imaginable with our guide for the finest Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer build!

Let’s get started.

How to Build a Pyromancer In Dark Souls 3?

Pyromancer Builds for Dark Souls

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In Dark Souls 3, the Pyromancer uses fire damage to weaken and defeat foes directly or through his toolkit. To use most Pyromancy spells in the game, you must spend extensively in DS3 Pyromancy scales, particularly Intelligence and Faith stats, and level yourself up to 25.

In addition, Cornyx or Karla can teach or sell you Pyromancy flame spells. Once you figure out where they are in the game world, they appear in the Firelink Shrine. Both specialize in particular types of Pyromancy:

  • Cornyx specializes in the basic form.
  • Karla is a Dark Souls 3 Dark Pyromancy Flame master.

To learn these spells, you’ll need to find Tomes of Pyromancy strewn throughout the game.

Best Pyromancer Builds for Dark Souls 3

Depending on how near or far you want to be in the fight, you can employ these spells in various ways. Every DS3 Pyro construct detailed here is adaptable and can be used in virtually any situation. Be aware that some foes can take advantage of the space between you and them.

Casting is naturally sluggish in the game, and being hit while casting will cancel your spell animation and, as a result, the spell.

So be cautious when casting charms. We all know how quickly Dark Souls may deplete your health. We also recommend locking on your opponent before casting a spell on them to ensure that it connects.

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Dark Souls 3 Pure Pyromancer Build

In DS3, this is the finest Pyromancer build for folks who wish to use fire spells as their primary source of damage. The Pure Pyromancer build in Dark Souls 3 lays less emphasis on direct weapon fighting instead of requiring you to preserve your distance and fully utilize the Pure Pyro build in DS3.

Dark Souls 3 Pure Pyromancer Build

You must obviously begin with the Pyromancer DS3 class. Your Intelligence, Attunement, and/or Faith should all be at least 40, but levels close to that will suffice.

We also recommend some beautiful items to maximize damage. The Great Swamp and Witch’s Rings, which increase your fire spell damage by 12 & 20%, respectively. Because Pyromancy is not an armor-dependent skill, you can wear any gear you like. You can even use it while wearing your Loincloth (though we don’t recommend it). Then there’s the magic. Our top choices are:

  • Warmth
  • Great Chaos Fire Orb
  • Chaos Bed Vestiges
  • Black Fire Orb

Each of these spells is powerful in its own right and adds to your arsenal of abilities. The most basic of these is warmth. It restores small health, which is critical if you don’t have much armor.

Great Chaos Fire Orb is an improved version of the Fire Orb that deals AOE damage when used near adversaries.

Chaos Bed Vestiges are fireballs that cause massive damage, the most of any of the four.

Finally, the Black Fire Orb magic is the evil counterpart to your ordinary Fire Orb. If you have high enough stats, you can easily one-shot most low-level foes in the game.

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Dark Souls 3 Melee Heavy Pyromancy Build

If you don’t think your Pyromancy is much more than a get out of jail free card, then this is your build. As you might expect, the Melee Heavy Pyromancy build in DS3 is centered around melee weapons like swords to deliver most of the damage and fire spells to either boost your guns or get you out of a bind.

Dark Souls 3 Melee Heavy Pyromancy Build

Although projectiles aren’t as important as passive melee weapon boosts, you’ll still need a set of spells to maximize your damage.

  • Warmth
  • Carthus Flame Arc
  • Power Within spell
  • Iron Fresh

Warmth is especially crucial if you choose not to invest in armor while opting for melee-heavy move sets. It will allow you to take a rest while constantly moving.

Carthus Flame Arc will let you deal more damage with your melee weapon, your primary source of damage. And because it scales with your Intelligence and Faith, if you have a high enough level, you are practically unstoppable.

The Power Within spell is problematic because it increases and diversifies your damaging possibilities while costing your health. Because health comes first, you should only use this when it’s a life or death circumstance.

Finally, Iron Flesh has an intriguing premise. It increases your base damage resistance at the cost of weight. As a result, the lighter you are, the tanker you become. You can understand how indefatigable you’ll appear because you’re not wearing much armor.

We recommend weapons that are similar to the Greatsword. The active and passive boosts you’ll provide to yourself will complement any potent melee weapon’s significant basic damage.

Furthermore, a weapon like the Greatsword will contribute little weight to your character, making Iron Flesh better.

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Dark Souls 3 Pyromancy Melee Build 

If you don’t have enough faith in Pyromancy’s skills, there is a solution. The Pyromancy Melee build in Dark Souls 3 appeals to players that seek to mix their casting and weaponry with doing significant damage while remaining unexpected.

You’ll need at least level 30 Faith and Intelligence for this DS3 Pyro build. We recommend leveling up Attunement and increasing your Dexterity and Strength to around 20 each to successfully wield your weapons.

Warmth, Carthus Flame Arc, and Fire Orb are required spells in your DS3 arsenal to make this Pyro setup work. You might also include the Chaos Bed Vestiges as an added bonus.

Warmth does not require an explanation. It restores you and will be required if you run out of Estus Flasks charges and require instant health.

The Carthus Flame Arc, on the other hand, is primarily a weapon bonus that scales according to your Faith and Intelligence stat points.

The Fire Orb is a simple weapon that does a respectable amount of damage, and it will suffice if you need to attack while also putting some distance between you and the attacker. The Claymore, Falchion, and the traditional Broadsword are some of the weapons you can use with this. That concludes our look at the three finest DS3 Pyromancer builds.

Although Dark Souls 3 has many unique and exciting ways to clear out your adversaries, Pyromancy is the greatest in controlling your range and chess-like boss fights.

If you’re careful, your distant strikes can help you maintain your field of view wide and your weak body. If you’re not sure about a DS3 Pyro to build results, you can always try a hybrid build first and then work on your muscle memory.

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