PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Mode Guide, Tips & Tricks

For the next few months, PUBG Mobile Metro Royale is in the dark. Not the same way in India, but kind of scary in survival. Through the ambitious crossover with Metro series games, the new Metro entered Royal Mode Game, promising PVPVE mode on a much greater scale than Survive, which had long been lost until dawn.

It’s over now, and it’s plenty of replay values ​​that extend into a particular campaign style mode.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Mode Guide

Initially re-announced in early August, it took a few months of beta testing to bring Metro Royale into a state ready for the general public. There is a chance that you will not be invited to play it when you try. So, it looks like it will continue after official release.

Once you enter, you and a team of yours will hover on one of the two maps in an attempt to raise funds for your next tour.  You can raise for players, bandits and monsters.

To help you get a grip with its in-depth systems, here is our starting guide to Metro Royale. Check back often for new information while playing the event.

What is Metro Royale Mode in Pubg?

Metro Royale is a PVPVE mode that not only allows squads to escape from other players, but also challenges AI-controlled bandits and terribly transformed monsters. The mission takes place on new maps of dilapidated camps, ruins and underground tunnels. Load your bag with supplies before you stand in the queue, and then aim to escape with as much loot as possible before you drown with other companies trying to kill you.

Once you get back into the menus, you can sell the funds or extra supplies you received to fund the items you think you need to get out of another round. You can raise your level, open or discover new areas and buy prizes to establish metro characters.

What is Metro Royale Mode in Pubg


Metro Royale currently takes place on two different maps: Front line Confrontation and Old Blockade Zone. You can play any of these from the first level, but Old Blocked Zone (Advanced) is locked until you touch the 8th level in mode. A little more. The main difference between the advanced version is the inclusion of the radiation zone. The area at the top of the map, which filled with high-value exploitation and more dangerous enemies. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

maps in pubg metro Royale

How to play (and survive) Pubg Mobile Metro Royale

After you update to PUBG Mobile 1.1, all you have to do is tap into Pubg Mobile Metro Royale mode, either by tapping on the main screen background or by going to the General Mode selection menus. Once there, you will be explained about the mission and given your first supplies. Pull them out of you

Your first trip into the hot zone was a test run. The game won’t tell you this, but like your first classic match. You were only against the bats (from what we could say). So don’t expect to see other players outside your team – just AI bandits. Also, don’t be afraid to bring all starter supplies with you: once you die you will get them back.

The goal is to come back in one piece. No matter how many murders or robberies you commit, if you do not escape with objects, you will lose the experience that came from that run. It’s so easy. You have 30 minutes to graze on the map and fight. At that point, reach the extraction point to finish the match and repeat it with all your contents. Time is running out and you will lose all of this.

It’s all about risk versus reward. If you are starting a low supply, you need to decide if you can get out of another engagement. You usually want to go to the place of escape wherever you are born, so you will not be too far away from one another when time starts to run low or when your supplies start to look a little thinner. There is no real reason to shoot at other groups, except to steal valuables from each other. So, if you think you can trust them, try to make a treaty so that you can all share the items and reach home safely.

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How to play (and survive) Pubg Mobile Metro Royale


Although not clearly mentioned in most marketing materials so far, Pubg Mobile Metro Royale seems to be sticking well in the new year. As we now know, the new mode will last until January 11, by which time it will be developed or will reach its next stage, with some new maps, devices and the newest story elements to change.

Metro Royale Value able Loot List

One of the best parts of the new PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Mode is scrolling through the main menu for items to resell to the black-market dealer. It’s a little grind to get to the place where you can buy some of the Spicer items he has for sale, but since there are only a few different types of loot, we want to keep an eye out for you round out the most valuable waste.

Now it makes no sense to fill your bag with trash, does it?

This is an exploit you will find in glowing boxes, briefcases or even on the floor of houses and on metro platforms. The password letter – which brings a pretty penny to the black market. It appears in the filing of cabinets found in two homes that saw good days, though you may want to go to the place they indicate on the sheet. Use the codes for a better chance of exploitation. It really depends on what you are willing to risk for the extra cash.

Here is a list of selling prices for items you will find at Metro Royale:

  • Password letter (white) – 30,000
  • Heart necklace – 2,100
  • Compass – 1,000

Metro Royale Value able Loot List

How to have more supplies

Without supplies, you would not be going very far on the Metro Royale. Armor, ammunition and guns and other weapons are also important tools to lose on death. Lose them all after too many daisies runs and you should only enter your next round‌ with your back clothes on to protect yourself. Fortunately, there are many ways to pad your list to make sure you start at least one day of stunts with basic necessities.

Login Rewards

Before you head into the PUBG Mobile Metro Royale menu for the day, be sure to hit the General Login Rewards and Event screen. Currently, and a new mode is available every week. You can get basic items like a shirt and some Metro Cash to spend on the black market to log in. When done you will also find a bunch of weekly missions here.

Supply boxes can be rewarded with selected weapons in them and more cash to spend on supplies you think you need. These change every week to display a different gun, so, do not be too comfortable with a specific load out.

pubg metro Royale Login Rewards

Dark Market

Before entering the match, you can access the black market by tapping the corresponding icon on the right side of the menu. Here, you can sell items from previous matches. Use the money earned to buy new, more powerful equipment or re-launch important supplies such as med kits and ammo supplies.

Items sold on the black-market change over time. You can force a shop refresh by pressing the refresh button at the top right of the shop screen daily. After that, you can pay some UC to do the same if you really need a certain gear.

Items found in the store can give you a few lakhs of metro cash back. But what you want to buy is likely to deleted for a certain amount of free. So, make sure you’re going to unlock anything free before you blow up the hard-earned coin. If you think you will die and lose it anyway.

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Fame Level Rewards – How to Gain /Increase Fame Level Fast

Metro Royale uses a unique leveling system that differs from your usual rank standing or player level. Known as your Fame Level, finishing runs is the main way to increase it. But the on-screen Challenge and Story missions on the right side of the Metro Royale menu are also rewarding.

Story missions come one after the other, while weekly missions are refreshed in 10 sets each week. Most of them offer cash and goods in a convenient system (described below), so missions are worth keeping in mind when embarking on your next run.

As your rank increases, you will receive specific rewards as your player level in the main game increases. Like the rest of the items in this mode, they are also lost on death. So, it may be worth grabbing some powerful gears until you have a comfortable understanding of how Metro Royale plays.

Fame Level Rewards pubg

Compatibility Gifts – How to Increase Compatibility

Three famous characters from the Metro universe appear cool in the aurora on the left side of the Metro Royale menu, where you can slide to chat. Each character has unique stories, but for the prize winners there, the interesting part is the compatibility system. Give your favorite character gifts to increase your compatibility with them. They will dish out gifts and supplies that will help in the process.

Characters like unique objects more than others. For example, if you give her the combat boots that appear in the item box of the first Favor mission. Vera will shoot up to level 2, but Ian only goes half way. Learn the letters and you will easily find out who will enjoy what gift. You can sell items at the black market to buy specific gifts. This is a good way to earn some extra items.

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