Is Ark Survival Evolved Cross-platform in 2022? PC, Xbox

Is Ark Survival Evolved Cross-platform

The game Ark: Survival Evolved has been around for quite some time. It was first launched in 2017 for Linux, Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and then in 2018 for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. It’s a survival game that transports players to an island inhabited by dinosaurs and other dangers.

Many people wonder if Ark will be cross-platform in 2022. This article will examine whether Ark: Survival Evolved can be played with buddies across various platforms. So prepare to discover the answer!

Cross-Platform refers to the ability of players to connect and play the game on different devices. If your friend plays on a PC and you play on an Xbox One, you should be able to play together.

Ark: Survival Evolved – A Quick Introduction

Ark: Survival Evolved is a massively multiplayer survival game in which players must construct weapons to defend themselves against dangerous dinosaurs and other players. The game has a variety of landscapes, ranging from deserts to jungles.

There are 176 dinosaur species and over 100 weapon types in the game. The player can travel anywhere on a map that is 50 kilometers (approximately 30 miles wide) while battling hunger, thirst, weather impacts such as sandstorms or severe rains, animal injuries, and other players.

Is Ark Survival Evolved Cross-platform

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Caves can be explored for essential resources such as metal ore. These caves can use to forge armor and swords out of stone. These treacherous tunnels are home to various violent species, including Araneos, giant spiders with web-shooting powers.

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The popularity of this game has skyrocketed, and the makers have added more servers to accommodate players worldwide. As a result, the question of whether Ark is cross-platform arises. Many players wish to play on numerous gaming platforms with their pals.

Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

Ark is cross-platform compatible, although not all platforms are cross-platform compatible. Ark is exclusively available on iOS and Android & Xbox One and PC. Because of the limitations of each console, it is not compatible with PlayStation.

There are numerous advantages to playing across platforms, including:

  • One of the significant benefits is that it allows developers to save resources by eliminating the need to create separate builds for their game to support multiple platforms and consoles (which can be expensive).
  • Player count on each server has been raised, the gameplay experience has been enhanced.
  • More people can play with them, it’s easier to attract new players and keep existing ones.
  • If a game allows cross-platforming, existing users of different platforms may begin playing it, which benefits the creator by bringing in new players.
  • It also cuts down development time. So, fans can expect new updates sooner than with games that specialize on a single platform or device.

This is why most gamers want Ark Survival Evolved to be cross-platform, so they can compete with other players on different platforms without being disadvantaged.

Is Ark Cross-Platform Android and iOS?

Ark Survival is available on both iOS and Android devices. This means you can play on Android before switching to iOS or vice versa. If your friend is playing on their Android device, you can still play with them on her iOS device. This is excellent news for everyone who has an Android handset and wants to play with their iOS friends or vice versa.

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Is Ark Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC?

Yes, Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is cross-platform. This implies Xbox One and Windows 10 PC players will be able to play together.

Is Ark Cross-Platform Xbox and PS4?

No, Ark: Survival Evolved is not a cross-platform game for consoles, which means it will not run on playstation or Xbox gaming systems. If you want to play Ark: Survival Evolved on several consoles, you must purchase the game for each console separately.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 and PC?

No announcement of Ark is a cross-platform game for PlayStation (PS4, PS5), and PC has been made yet. This implies that if you want to play Ark on both the PS4 and the PC, you’ll have to buy the game.

Is Ark Cross-Platform Xbox and Mobile?

Ark is not a cross-platform game for Xbox or mobile. Xbox is a Windows-based console, whereas mobile devices are portable and run Android. Ark will not be cross-platform for Xbox and Mobile since it would necessitate a significant rewrite of the base code at this time.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PS5 and Mobile?

Ark is not cross-platform for PS5 and mobile devices. This is because the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Android devices utilize different versions of PHP.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

“NO,” says the answer. Because Sony and Nintendo are competitors, and their console designs are different, Ark is not cross-platform between PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Ark is also not cross-platform on the Xbox One or Switch.

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Is Ark cross-platform for all platforms? 

Ark is exclusively available on iOS and Android and Xbox One, and Windows PC. This implies that you must purchase Ark on the Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch to play it.


Ark is available on iOS and Android and Xbox One, and Windows PC. Other platforms are not presently supporting by Ark: Survival Evolved. I hope this has perfect answered your concerning query “Is Ark cross-platform in 2022?” This article will update as new information becomes available. I hope you found it helpful, and if you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below.