Best PUBG Metro Royale Tips & Tricks

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile (also known as) PUBG Mobile has been the hottest multi-line multiplayer Battle Royale game. In fact, the average Indian reports that PUBG Playing costs more than 8 hours per week. For those who don’t know, before last debuting on the Play Store for the App Store for Android and iPhone, PUBG originally started as a PC game. It was also recently released for Xbox and Sony PlayStation.

What is PUGB Mobile and How Does This Work?

Simply put, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUGB) Battle Royale is a multiplayer game where 100 players air-drop on an island and win the last standing. Throughout the battle, the player will have to collect the necessary items such as armor, guns, medical kits and loadout from PUBG metro royale best loot as the playing field are shrinking.

PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

In this game, survival is more important than the number of kills and the winner is the one who survives to the end of the game and is greeted with a ‘winner-winner chicken dinner’. It is worth mentioning here that the more you play, the better your ranking and the harder the game becomes.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s come to PUBG tips and tricks that will help you live and win in PUBG Mirror World 1.7 Mod, New Update Date and All Returning Modes.

Tips for Better Gameplay

1. Set up PUBG Mobile Game Profile Correctly

For those who are just about to embark on their PUBG journey, the following information may be helpful to set up a PUGB profile.


Profile A new user needs to login to create a new profile. There are many ways to do this and you can use Google Play Game, Facebook, Twitter or Guest Account. If you choose to connect with Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Play, you can sync your progress.

If you log in using social accounts like Facebook or Twitter, it will be easier to connect with your friends for a duo or squad game.

Adjust Your Metro Royale Game Setting

Before you get armed for the Imperial War, tweaking some game settings will enhance your overall PUBG mobile gaming experience without any PUBG metro royale cheats.

2. Choose Between FPP vs TPP

Set up PUBG mobile game profile fpp vs tpp

It’s somewhat a personal choice but it’s important. So, choose between third person view or first person view as per your choice. To change this setting, go to the Select Mode option and check the top bar for a choice between the Third Person View (TPP) or First-Person View (FPP) options.

3. Adjust the Screen for Excellent in PUBG

Display notes became a mainstream feature in 2018 and today they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, recently Tencent optimized PUGB for better screens.

For this, you just need to select Settings Menu> Graphics> Non-standard screen> Select.

Now to restart the settings, restart the PUBG game.

4. Choose Between Solo, Duo or Squad

As I said before, in PUBG you can team up for a duo match alone or with a friend. And In squad mode, up to four friends or random players can team up together. To select your preferred mode, Select Mode> Team> Solo, Duo or Squad mode and click OK.

5. Choose the Right Graphics Quality

PUBG mobile graphics quality

It is also important to know the limitations of your phone. PUBG Mobile is a graphics intensive game so if you are using an affordable phone and the graphics are set to HD or HDR and frame rates or higher or ultra, you will see a lot of lag or frame drops. So, choose the graphics setting accordingly.

To do this tap on Settings icon> Graphics.

Also, you are advised to keep the graph toe adjusted graphics on, which automatically lowers the graphics setting in case of a performance drop.

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6. Check Server Ping or Server Replacement

PUBG Mobile is a game based on the Internet and a lot based on PUGB servers. So don’t forget to save the saver ping before you start gaming.

PUBG mobile server selection

In the PUBG mobile game, Tencent currently offers five servers to choose from. Ping times vary from server to server. Select a server with a low ping of about 30 mm or below. It is also worth mentioning here that if you are a statistician you should only stick to one server. To select, press the Select mode at the bottom right of the Start button, look in the left hand corner and select your server.

7. Make Sure Competent Assistance is Enabled

As long as you are not pro, you should continue AIM help as it proves to be beneficial when aiming to kill.

To do this, go to Settings> Basics> Target Help> Enable.

8. Enable Auto Open Doors

It’s a difficult setting. Keeping it going can help you dodge enemy group attacks in nearby encounters. However, there is also the possibility that you accidentally open the door at the wrong time. Still, I personally prefer to continue it.

Go to Settings> Basic> Auto Open Doors> Enable.

9. Enable the Left Side Trigger Button

There is an option to add a trigger button on the left side in the Metro Royale game setting. It’s really easy when you’re scooping up or knocking down an opponent on the go.

To enable the feature, go to Settings> Basics> Display fire button on the left> Always continue.

10. Customize Button Placement

Want to change controls in PUBG mobile metro royale secrets? Well, yes you can. The game comes with multiple button layouts to choose from, it is recommended that you adjust their placement according to your fingers. You can also resize the buttons according to your needs.

To change your button layout, go to Settings> Controls> Customize, now make your adjustments and press the save button at the top, then tap Exit.

11. Choose Your Play Mode: Classic or Arcade

PUBG mobile classic arcade

PUBG has two play modes – Mobile Classic and Arcade. In classic mode, there are 100 players competing with each other. Arcade mode on the other hand offers War, Quick Match, Sniper Training and Mini-Zone options to choose from and play with your team mates or solo.

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12. Choose the Right Gun for Right Situation

Throughout all PUBG metro royale game, you will see different types of weapons around in different places. However, you are allowed to carry two guns and one pistol at a time. Therefore, a player should be well acquainted with the pros and cons of each weapon and its connections in the PUGB game and choose accordingly.

To improve your chances, we recommend using a combination of sniper rifle with large range and automatic rifle with normal range.

13.  Use Grenades to Your Advantage

pubg mobile gernades

PUBG Mobile has many types of grenades including Frag Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Smoke Grenade and Stun Grenade. This intense battle proves to be really useful for distracting or covering or killing enemies during imperial gameplay. Therefore, it is advisable to keep some of them for a few moments.

14. Armor Upgrade Expands Inventory

pubg mobile armors

Yes, you read that right. Changing your armor waste to a higher level can save you from PUBG metro royale best gun attack. In addition to providing better protection, will also bump up your inventory capacity by 50 points.

15. Shoot Only if You Mean to Shoot

pubg mobile shoot if you mean to kill

Don’t go berserk and spray bullets all over. Killing a long-distance enemy is a difficult task. So, hit the trigger only when your target is not stable and you give up your position instead of killing.

Use smoke to revive teammates it will give you a little cover. If you are sure that the enemy is hiding in a particular building, use a fragrant grenade on that building and keep the time of grenade explosion very short.

16. Enemies Car Explode

pubg mobile enemies car explode

The car can be used as a cover but make sure there is a little gap as the car can explode when approached with extended gun shots. Initially, smoke will start coming out of the car’s engine, then a fire will break out and then your vehicle will explode. You can also eliminate it by hitting their car until the enemies explode. Use PUBG metro royale advanced mode DMR and machine gun to do more damage.

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17. Join Teammates

pubg mobile team mates

PUGB Mobile allows you to create tricks and work together with your partner during Duo and Squad modes to go for metro royale best loot locations. The game comes with native voice chat which allows you to communicate with your teammates and hunt as a team. PUBG Mobile will use your phone’s speaker and microphone during match. For best performance, we recommend connecting your phone to earphones.

18. Turn Off Your Team Mates Voice Chat

All the chatter during PUBG mobile game is fun but it can also distract you. Well, you have the option to mute this chat with specific players or full voice. If you are stuck with a group of random players who are communicating in a language you do not understand, you can completely disable voice chat by tapping on the speaker icon to mute your partner.

19. Help Your Team Demonstrate

Did you know? You can still use the ‘Enemy ahead‘ message from the text chat box to warn your friends to play after you are knocked out.

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