Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds New Game From The PUBG

There are new rumors about Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds New Game from the PUBG universe. According to current reports, we can expect this to be released in 2022. But further details are not available yet. There is also talk of a new battle royale game.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds New Game

The fans of the battle royale shooter Player unknown’s Battlegrounds and its world can probably rub their hands in anticipation. According to current reports, at least one more game from the PUBG universe will appear in the foreseeable future. That can be seen in a profile of Kim Chang-han, who is the managing director of Krafton – the parent company of Bluehole, PUBG Corporation and Striking Distance.

The Bloomberg report states that a new “PUBG-related” game will be released sometime during the next coming year. There is also talk of another battle royale game. That will supposedly even hit the market in 2021 – for mobile platforms. Furthermore, an animation production and a web cartoon about the PUBG world are in the works.

In connection with this, one or the other takeover of external teams could occur over the next few months. However, further details on the individual projects are not there. So that logically there is a lot of scope for speculation.

The rumors in this direction are not entirely new, Only at the beginning of this year we reported that a direct successor to Player unknown’s Battlegrounds (price is € 17.75 ) (PUBG 2.0) is supposedly already in development. However, at the time it was not entirely clear. Whether this was actually a stand-alone game or possibly a very extensive update that turned large parts of the Battle Royale game inside out.

With The Calisto Protocol is in fact already officially a horror game in PUBG universe in the works. This is a horror title from PUBG universe.


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