Bethesda told what to expect from the upcoming update for Fallout 76. Which will be available on the test server at the end of next week, February 5.

upcoming update for fallout 76

The main new items in the update:

  • SPECIAL ammunition sets a function that, upon reaching level 25. This allows you to reset all SPECIAL points of a character in CAMP for free and at any time
  • CAMP cells – the ability to build many different CAMPs, each of which will have its own coordinates, construction budget, name and a unique icon on the map.
  • Expanding Daily Operations almost doubles the number of random options currently available and also adds Decrypt mode.
  • Aim Assist is a parameter that will help players with a controller quickly aim their crosshairs at enemies and not lose their target when aiming with ranged weapons.
  • Bulk Crafting – Crafting sliders in the menu of all workbenches so you can collect, forge, cook, or craft multiple items at once.
  • Updates to the World Activity Menu will allow you to find information about active radioactive zones nearby player vending machines and events.
  • Improvements to melee attacks will make slashing, stabbing, and slashing attacks smoother and guaranteed to deal damage.

This is all about upcoming update for Fallout 76. You can find out more about each of the additives on the official Bethesda website .

Now  Fallout 76  held the first weekend of extra certificates. Which doubles the total number of legendary certificates, which can be obtained in exchange for units of the legendary day. This way, you can earn up to 300 Legendary Certificates per day.

The event will end on February 1 at 20:00 Moscow time.


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