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Everything about resident evil village

One of the most hottest anticipated games of 2021 is Resident Evil 8 , which Capcom for some reason prefers to call Village , without a number. We decided to collect in one material all the known facts about the game.

Everything about resident evil village

Resident Evil Trailer Features

The trailer also features four aristocratic dynasties, whose representatives will obviously become the protagonists of the game: Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, Benevento and Moreau.

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It can be assumed that the village was Heisenberg’s domain and it was he who was supposed to catch Ethan, which is why Alcina is so indignant. In both cases, when we see the coats of arms of the four houses. They are connected with the Umbrella logo.

To make the parallels with Resident Evil 4 even greater, a dealer who sells and improves weapons will return to the Village: here his name is Duke, and he is incredibly fat. Does it belong to one of the four houses? What about the bearded stranger? Perhaps he is Heisenberg? Or Lady Dimitrescu’s brother? Is the fate of Father Gascoigne, whom he reminds so much of?

Resident Evil Village Gameplay

So far, the gameplay shown isn’t much different from Resident Evil 7. The whole game takes place in the first person. So we have to get deeper into the role of Ethan Winters. We have to explore locations, collect key items, solve puzzles and fight back enemies.

Apparently, there will be no shortage of weapons and ammunition this time – at least not the way it was in RE7. As before, Ethan is able to block enemy attacks; now he also has a kick to push monsters away, and the ability to knock weapons out of the hands of enemies with shots, as in RE4. Also, explosive red barrels lit up in the trailer – well, everything is clear with them.

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On January 23rd, Capcom released a PS5-exclusive demo: Maiden . Like Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour , this isn’t part of the main game. But an additional ten-minute segment designed to showcase the setting and graphics quality. With the latter, everything is more or less in order – the only frustrating thing is how scripts this segment is. Here, the road ahead will not open until the player gets into a banal attempt to scare him.

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And the gameplay comes down to poking your nose into every detail of the interior. From a distance it is impossible to understand which objects are interactive and which are not. You have to climb everywhere in the hope of seeing the X button icon. Not very encouraging, to be honest.

Multiplayer Mode:

Capcom promises to give every Resident Evil Village buyer a copy of RE: Verse , a multiplayer shooter dedicated to the series’ 25th anniversary. Yes, Capcom still does not abandon attempts to make Resident Evil friends with multiplayer, although previous attempts were unsuccessful:

Outbreak , Operation Raccoon City , Umbrella Corps , Resistance.

However, none of them looked so ridiculous. While Village pleases the eye with its photorealistic rendering, RE: Verse uses low poly models, village shading with bold outlines, very strange filters and abnormal proportions of the characters.

The thing is that death matches are set on familiar sets from old parts. But the police station from RE2, for example, was created for horror, and in its cramped corridors and narrow doors two people are unlikely to disperse.

resident evil village best horror games

Therefore, the developers decided to shrink the heroes, and in the end what is happening looks like some kind of fan mod.

They took a familiar location, somehow riveted models of familiar characters, dumped the monsters. Even if it is fun to play, it looks not attractive at all.

Resident Evil Village is due out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on May 7, 2021. Another demo will appear on all platforms prior to release.

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What Happened to Chris?

The eighth part continues the seventh story. Recall that in it the simple and most faceless protagonist Ethan Winters saved his wife Mia from the revived mold – not without the help of Chris Redfield, a hardened eliminator of various biological threats. 

Since then, Ethan and Mia have lived quiet and calm lives; they had a daughter, Rosemary. And then Chris Redfield attacked their house for no apparent reason – and kidnapped their daughter. Wait, what?

Yes, the Resident Evil Village makes the noble Chris a villain to the obscenities. In the first trailer, he completely kills Mia! And on the cover he depicts as a half werewolf. This should obviously be the main intrigue of the game: what happened to Chris?

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3 Assumptions Can Make At Once

  1. This is not Chris, but a fake, clone or another mushroom colony, mimicking a human. Unlikely, but anything can be expected from Resident Evil. So, in Resident Evil 6, a woman with the appearance of Ada Wong did atrocities, but not Ada herself.
  2. Chris knows something that he doesn’t tell Ethan. For example, that Mia went on to work for biological weapons manufacturers. That Evelina’s fungal infection in her gave some kind of unexpected complication. That this also affected Rosemary. And now the baby keeps in himself some kind of clue to the mystery or a means to save the world from another misfortune. This is also hard to believe: Chris does not kill people until they turn into monsters.
  3. Chris has actually become a villain, and there is some magic mold lurking in Rosemary that he wants to spray around the world . In this case, the developers will have to go out of their way to somehow justify such changes in the character of the main character in the series.
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Be that as it may, Ethan goes to rescue his daughter. To Romania.


The game will take place in locations familiar to Resident Evil 4 fans : a European village and a Gothic castle (we won’t be surprised if the laboratory is lying around somewhere nearby). At the same time, it was the village that the developers brings to the title and call the second protagonist of the game.

Judging by the trailers, the locals carry out some rituals, as a result of which they turn into werewolves. And there is such an installation hanging above the gate – the developers recommend paying special attention to it.

resident evil village most anticipated games of 2021

This easily reads the logo of Umbrella, a sinister corporation from the classic RE parts. The embryo in the center may indicate that we are learning about Umbrella’s origins. The framing looks like a nest; that is exactly what – NEST – was the name of the laboratory near Raccoon City. Where William Birkin led the development of the G-virus. What theories do you have?

The newest trailer is entirely dedicated to the castle and its owner, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. Her henchmen, whom she calls daughters, are able to transform into a swarm of midges, and the lady herself knows how to grow claws no worse than Wolverine.

However, Ethan Winters somehow successfully copes with all this paranormal: in the trailer, Dimitrescu complains to mother Miranda that Ethan escaped from Heisenberg and is now overpowering her feeble daughters. Miranda, on the other hand, apparently needs our hero alive for some kind of ceremony.