Zombies Retreat Walkthrough Guide | How To Play Quest?

Leslie, Rachel, Caroline, Natasha, Ashley, Talia, Professor Cherry, Jessie, Clara, & Serena Zombies Retreat Guide & Walkthrough – The Main Quest as well as every character walkthrough.

Zombies Retreat Walkthrough – Main Quest Guide

Zombies Retreat Walkthrough

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New Home

  • Go to the basement and learn about survival and crafting.
  • Go upstairs and speak with Rachel. Descend the stairs
  • Leave, proceed to the southbound bridge, and inspect the map after crossing the bridge > Remove yourself from the region (west= Recreation Center >
  • Speak with the thorn in your side. move to the south and outside > Return, save Rachel, and retire to your bed.

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Restoring power

  • Complete all talks between Rachel and Leslie > Explore the camp with Rachel and her friends > Leave home base (cross the bridge) and explore the map.
  • Area of summer camp (see map) > Continue exploring while avoiding the zombies.
  • Kill all the zombies at the recreation centre > To get access to the gallery area, examine the video game console (TV). Explore the region and find as many salvage points as you can (but don’t go to the building on the south east corner).
  • Basement > Home Base Make a fishing rod and ammunition (at least 8 bullets)
  • Start fishing in the brook next to the boy’s cabin until your pole breaks.
  • Now walk to the building on the south east corner, kill all the zombies, and save the survivor (Caroline)
  • Kitchen: talk to Leslie, eat dinner, and exhaust all dialogues until the power goes out > make a flashlight, get together with Caroline, and head to the power plant (North West area of the campsite)
  • Leave the elevator on the east side of the chamber and proceed east > access the north door > inspect the computer files (password) and update the security level > Leave and travel east till you reach the end of the road, then turn south and enter the room (Z-cola) > Leave and head west > enter the chamber south of the computer room > continue south (kill the electric zombie) > kill the zombie in the next room and check the computer at the end, reading the documents (password), and upgrading the security level (level 3) > Return to the main area, exit through the south door, and enter the chamber with the panels > switch the power on and walk away from the power plant
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Seeds of Resolve

Seeds of Resolve
  • Speak with Natasha and obtain or make a Shovel > Go to the Lakeview section of the area with Natasha > then to the north east section of the region > Natasha will remove the bush from the Camp Zomi botanical garden.
  • Garden: Enter the shack from the east > inspect the dazzling object and take the beastly club > Kill the zombie and look at the picture (the key’s position) > Enter the greenhouse with the key.
  • Natasha: All of the valves should be turned > > Exit the greenhouse through the north exit > SAVE THE PLANT MONSTER AND INSPECT IT
  • Monster Plant: First, take out all of the red flower minions > x3 damage to the boss (ammo spawns in the lower right corner) > Take the Z-cola and the Herbology notes following the cut scene.

The Final Battle

  • Town Hall: Take the north exit and continue until you reach a barrier > If you have enough ammo and recovery goods, cross it.
  • Wolves engage in combat: Just don’t fight them when you’re enraged.
  • Serena’s battle: When she has you under her control, simply dodge her assaults and attack the real Serena three times.

A Dark Secret

  • After the credits, proceed down to the second floor of the power plant, all the way east till the double doors > take the elevator down > find the computer room, but go to the window (z-choice)
  • Room in an old hotel: Purchase or make your own metal cutting saw > Cut the fence and enter the shack in Old Town (south of the odd lodge) > kill the zombie and obtain the hotel lodge key > travel upstairs and east > enter the room and find Ann’s data (on the table) > Return to Ann’s page
  • The next day: downstairs (Ann’s call) > Return to the cave where you fought Serena > After the cutscenes, enter the fissure and begin the Goddess Trial (avoid being detected) > Talk to the character in the Lakeview area’s Locked Cabin > Rep the goddess trials two more times, and chat to the character in the closed cabin one more.
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