Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review


It’s another year and here comes another Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light. After a short delay, the custodians are finally able to set foot on Europe, learn more about its secrets and take advantage of the appearance of darkness through an element called stasis.

However, the question is whether this whole thing is worth it. Truth be told, it’s too early to tell if we’re only in the first week of Beyond Light release. There may be new additions in the coming weeks or once attacked, the Deep Stone crypt will go live. Unfortunately, there are already a lot of problems, which will go uphill to Bungi.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review

Welcome to Europe Campaign

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s campaign describes the events that have brought you to this moment: the arrival of the Darkness Pyramid ships, the loss of contact on various planets, the intrigues of Sawatun and suffering from nothing but Warix.

The disobedient Elix is ​​on Jupiter’s frozen Europa moon and he ends up in the Eramis cluster. This misguided Fallen leader of House Salvation tries to use the darkness to empower the rest of his people.

In a way, her intentions make sense if you follow the story of Destiny 2. Fallen has gone since Traveler left them. The only way to unite broken homes is to use darkness.

When you hunt Eramis, you are treating to the cold and unforgivable landscape of Europe. Snow-capped mountains, freezing temperatures, ruined facilities and blizzards that give zero visibility make this destination very immersive and picture-perfect. Again, the visuals, art and level design of Destiny 2 are top notch and Europe will amaze you for the first two hours as you explore.

Strangely, it seems that Bungi wants players to completely immersed in the harshness and beauty of Europe. Because Europe has two fastest travel points, both are at the southern tip of the map. Despite the disappointment, Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s promotions take place in the North. It leads back and forth very unnecessarily.

Progress in Destiny 2: Beyond the Light

So, how exactly did I say Destiny 2: Beyond Light? As the level of electricity requirements in European missions became higher and higher, I decided to farm in Helmouth instead. It is currently the fastest tool to reach the 1,200-power level soft cap.

Next, I completed the campaign of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. It definitely felt like slog. Things are not that difficult. Instead, they are more repetitive and duller, making post-mission missions more interesting. Imagine going south to talk to a Warrix or Exo Stranger‌, and then head north to use your stasis element powers on lucky groups.

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This is followed by a battle (or Empire Hunt) against one of the Eramis lieutenants, and you turn south in that quest and head north for another mission. Leather, rinse and repeat and its Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s campaign.

I also shocked when two characters who appeared prominently in the trailers made an impact during the campaign. It’s a big disappointment to think that these two characters have more experience and calmness in the dark. On a positive note, we look back at the roles played by important characters such as Warix the Loyal and Exo Stranger.

Progress in Destiny 2: Beyond the Light

However, after completing the campaign, I took no time to explain, did Varix’s gifts and got the Salvation Grip. While doing various playlist activities for the powerful dots I started unlocking the stasis subclass items and grenade requirements.

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Stasis is a Worth

Speaking of stasis, the new element / subclass introduced in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, without a good word, very “cool.” Although recognized as a gift from the dark, it is your guardian to use snow and ice attacks. For example, My Warlock’s Super turned her into an ice maze to freeze and then annihilate hordes of mobs. Meanwhile, her melee attack is a cryo bomb.

Stasis has both a dangerous and protective advantage; Seeing the new element embedded in the game is sure to breathe fresh (and cool) air. You can freeze and crush enemies with your abilities, and use grenades to remove them from entire units.

Sadly, I have a few grips here. First, stasis is a nifty element in PvP. But I still think it will be the same compared to other sub-classes even after you get new grenades and items. My suspicion is that I will also use it in high-end content‌. Second, adopting these skills in PVP is an absolute pain. Don’t get me wrong: I love using stasis in crucible matches.

However, freezing the melee is enough to get the enemy out, as they cannot move or fire their weapon, and escaping from the impact (if they manage) will still damage them.

At the moment it is very unbalanced. I do not know why Bungie decided to do a stasis function in this manner for a competitive game. In previous attempts, the studio emphasized the desire to balance PVP and PVE elements. The stillness clearly requires some reconsideration.


Sunrise is Sunset

Destiny 2: Another amazingly terrifying decision in Beyond Light is the concept of sunset. When it was announced months ago, I already had concerns. While it is true that the Destiny 2 needs some fine tuning and balancing (because its weapons have so much power and most objects are not used), Beyond Light has finally shown us that sunset is a mistake.

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On paper, the idea is admirable; This is a very poorly done execution. Currently, before the Season of Dawn (December 2019) each legendary weapon and armor has a power level of 1,060. Of course, you can still use them in various activities. But that makes sense, as operations (including those in Europe) require high energy levels. Note that the current cap is a 1,260 power level, so bringing anything that falls heavily is silly.

Now, what do we have that can replace all the equipment that has sunset? Well, Beyond Light’s current PvE content only adds a fraction of the tools. I suspect they are also useful as reliable Bygones, Mountain Top, Reclus or Hammerhead. At the very least, exotics were not affected. Plus, Gnawing Hunger and Falling Guillotine (included in the June 2020 season) are viable because they are still packed.

However, I’ll see what the weekend is like, balance my two other characters and find out if Destiny 2: Beyond Light is worth it.

Sunrise is sunset

Update: Following with Fallen

I noticed how smooth and laborious the whole process was when equalizing my two other characters. Basically, all you have to do is complete the expansion or season campaign. Next, you’re ready for the gameplay loop until you reach the endgame. You also had to replay post-campaign explorations such as Born in the Darkness to get additional incentives for the Stasis subclass.

Although some components have removed to speed up the process (i.e., you no longer need to collect entropic shardsకానికి for the stasis factor), you still have to do altruistic heights such as shutter kills, playlists with stasis.

With regard to the Tally, Bungie has heavily criticized for this concept due to its high reliance on Destiny 2’s ounts. Now, Beyond Light seems to have doubled over it. Remember the obelisks in the Season of Dawn and the Rasputin bunkers in the precious season? Destiny 2: In Beyond Light, Varix has a similar function. The main difference is that you have to complete a list of tasks before you can earn a certain perk. This is definitely a disturbing idea.

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Again, this is similar to the game play loop / design. For the most part these goals (whether from Exo Stranger or from Varix), you are repeating the same tasks or revisiting the places you were during the campaign. How many times do I have to communicate with the dark and have a “super-fiesta” to understand how stasis works? That is why I have a checklist to kill many groups using stasis after the campaign, at the same time I am already doing it throughout the game.

It would be nice if these tasks were part of a shorter and tougher campaign instead of what we have now. As it stands, the progress of Destiny 2: Beyond Light feels artificially wrong. This means allowing players to spend more time, perhaps creating the illusion that people are engaged if they are not.

Following with Fallen

Beyond Despair PvP

Destiny 2 is a step in many directions. From boring propaganda you are going to build a weak mission for no reason, where the goals will be rehearsed for what you have done before, trying and repeating everything on your other characters seems like a chore. Then you get a good, but terribly unbalanced stasis element in PvP. Next, there is the weapon / armor sunset, where the new seasonal elements do not act as replacement gear.

Oh, and we have not discussed the Destiny Content Vault and the removal of multiple locations and activities, as well as the Cosmodrome seems to be almost reconsidered.

Currently, Destiny 2: Beyond Light has a few elements that found in the following seasonal calendar. Season Mission and the so-called Rathborn Hunts will appear on November 17 and the Deep Stone Crypt Ride will be released on November 21. Yet two exotic discoveries and many mysteries found. Similarly, as we have seen before, Bungie can continue the story in the coming weeks.

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Sadly, it can be difficult to track back. Destiny expansions give new life to the game. They start fresh after any disappointments in previous seasons or DLCs. However, Destiny 2: Beyond Light has many issues from Get-Go and questionable decisions can lead to a tiring experience. It’s nowhere near as provided by Forsaken and does not scratch the itch as well as Shadow Keep.

From the first week, Destiny 2: Beyond Lite could be the full extension that Bungie has released for its online exploit-shooter franchise.

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