Why Most of the Gamers Still Play Retro Games?

Why Most of the Gamers Still Play Retro Games

Why Most of The Gamers Still Love To Play Retro Games? Why is Retro Gaming Still So Popular? Gamers Returning Back To Arcade Classics. I have had many discussions with people who ask me why I still play retro games when there are better new games in the market. I still play Donkey Kong or MR.DO.

Why spend so much time tracking games used to play on systems like Atari St. Spectrum and Amiga? I can just buy a PS4 and play these amazing games with fancy graphics and effects. What have old games and systems got that the latest consoles haven’t got?

Reasons on Playing Retro Games

Why Most of the Gamers Still Play Retro Games


The world has programmed us to keep up with the new by replacing the old with the new. I replaced my Atari 2600 with Spectrum, then later Atari ST, then an Amiga and finally several PCs, each more powerful than the last.

How we live our lives with the old and with the new. Why go back to the secondary when you have something better?

I have happy memories of discovering these systems for the first time. ST on the spectrum. Playing classic adventure games like Brides and Secret like Twin Kingdom Valley gives me a warm vague feeling when I remember them.

I’ve been playing Chucky Egg thinking of so many happy hours in my bedroom and trying to pass the near impossible level 40 to finish the game.

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Upgrading to Atari ST and getting fucked by hearing sample sounds for the first time in the game. I firmly believe that the game does not require amazing graphics and effects. It’s fun to get out of a game that you count on.

People also love to play retro games on NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, SEGA Genesis Etc. ( These old Gems )

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High Score Tables

Once you’ve completed some games on the new systems, you may find that it’s something you won’t play again for a while. Finally, you know the story and you’re done searching. Some older games last forever, each level becomes harder and more challenging and there is the advantage of recording your score whenever you play.

So, when you are aiming to get your name in the high score table you get more out of the game, especially if you are competing against a friend. People will get higher scores on the arcade game then go back later to see if it was beaten by another player.

Easy Control System

Older control systems will have a joystick that will move eight ways and a single fire button. You also got the option to define your own keys. These balconies appeared on systems ranging from 2600 to Amiga. Later systems such as Mega drive and Nintendo offered more buttons but still kept the gameplay easier.

A simple control system allows you to quickly enter the game and it was the same in all games for the system. The main control system was up, down, left, right and fire / jump. Later systems like PlayStation was start introducing many different combinations. That will display in tutorials as you progress through the game.

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Huge Variety of Games

The average price of a game on the PS4 can be anything from £40 to £70 so developers have to pay a lot for that money. This includes hours of movie footage, giant maps that take forever to explore, and lots of fancy visual effects. On older systems, there were a variety of games ranging from free to budget to full commercial price.

Games like static screen platforms, text adventure games, rebound games, and simply shoot ups can found that are never part of the pack or never get the buzz of releases on a more sophisticated system other than a subscription service.

No Need To Pay Again (To Play Retro Games)

Once you bought a game in the old days, there was nothing more to pay for. Today’s games have become money magnets where people are buying luck to get extras in games. In which you can earn by completing certain tasks by doing old tasks.

Although it is possible to earn things by playing, you usually save a lot of time by paying for something.