How To Top Up Free Fire Diamonds From Games Kharido?

After the ban on mobile PUBG, a large number of people in India began playing the Garena Free Fire battle game. Nowadays, the majority of Indian e-sports fans like to play FF. It has grown in popularity as a result of its latest upgrade, which includes Guns, Skins, Characters, Abilities, and Weapons.

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Free Fire. They are purchased with real money, and you can use them to purchase products and rewards in-game. Diamonds can also spent to change your IGN.

Kharido’s most well-known diamond top game is Garena Free Fire. On this GPT website, the players have double diamonds. As a result, we’ll show you how to get extra and double diamonds from Games Kharido in this post.

Free Fire allows you to purchase diamonds in-game, which can used to purchase a variety of amazing items. Diamonds are a type of currency in Free Fire that can be used to purchase various items in the game. However, there are a few alternative sites where you can get more diamonds. Scroll down to learn how to recharge gems.

Games Kharido Diamond Top Up for Free Fire

  • First, go to the Games Kharido website.
  • Now, go to Free Fire and enter your PlayerID in the textbox that appears.
  • Choose your preferred amount and make the necessary payment.
  • Your account has credited with more diamonds.
  • You’ll even get a bonus when you make your first purchase with GamesKharido.

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What is Games Kharido Or Garena Top Up Center?

Garena Top Up Center, also known as Games Kharido, is a Garena Free Fire official diamond top-up site. Users can purchase diamonds through this website. The best feature is that you can add diamonds without logging in with any ID. You only need a Player ID to upgrade. To top up your account, go to

Games Kharido Or Garena Top Up Center

Upgrades in the game Kharido get you a 100% bonus. This means that a double diamond costs the same as a single diamond. All Free Fire Diamond Top Up is available through the Gamekharido application for a reasonable price. During the upgrading, everyone may afford a double bonus.

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