Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations  & Farming Routes 2022

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations & Farming

Cor Lapis is a Liyue regional specialty in Genshin impact that can’t obtain anywhere else. Find out where to get it and how to use it. Cor Lapis has a few particular uses, but those uses are usually efficient. So, collecting this Liyue Regional specialty anytime you get the chance in Genshin Impact is worthwhile.

All Cor Lapis Locations in Genshin Impact

Cor Lapis is a regional specialty resource from Liyue that can be found throughout the country – but not outside of it.

While there are a few places with many Cor Lapis, Mt. Hulao is clearly one of the most incredible places to rapidly get a lot of it. It has a similar overall amount of Cor Lapis as many other regions. But it has a far higher density. The Cor Lapis is much more closely packed together.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations  & Farming

If you turn around from Mt. Hulao’s teleport beacon and face the waterfall on the cliffside below. You’ll see 4 Cor Lapis a short distance away. If you follow the route through the trees close, you can find another cluster of four only a short distance beyond.

Mt. Hulao is a fantastic place to start when working out a Cor Lapis farming strategy. It’s the most accessible place to just grab some. Regardless of how little time and effort you have to devote to mine for its Genshin Impact.

The coastal zone between Luhua pool and Cuijue Slope, which contains about 25 Cor Lapis spawning between them, and the region between Lingju pass and Mt. Tienhang, is worth noting.

Outside of Mt. Hulao, pointing to a specific site or farming route for Cor Lapis is more challenging. This particular regional specialty appears to dispersed thinly around Liyue while it is well clustered together. There is generally no teleport point nearby to speed up the farming process.

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Overall, if you require more than what lazily farming Mt. Hulao each reset can supply. Your best chance is to construct a farming route that includes these regions for a rapid burst of roughly 40 Cor Lapis per reset. Using a character like Ninguang to locate each individual piece can save your time. She can highlight neighboring minerals on the minimap.

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How to Mine Cor Lapis?

In Genshin Impact, Cor Lapis is similar to other minerals and ores. It is difficult to mine without relying on specific techniques. It is, nevertheless, susceptible to the normal ruses.

Geo Skills are often the quickest technique to break open Cor Lapis rocks. For example, Zhongli’s hold E pillar creates a single pulse that instantly smashes them apart. It highly recommended method for mining almost anything in Genshin Impact.

This pulse has the benefit of being Omnidirectional and having a wide-ranging influence. It will frequently break every rock in the local vicinity, allow you to simply collect the contents after the animation finished.

 Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations & Farming Routes

If you don’t have access to Zhongli – who is highly sought after for many reasons, not least because he is an Archon. You may use the skills of almost any other Geo vision character to get comparable results.

Longer cooldowns with limited zones of impact, such as Noelle, are not advised. Opening several Cor Lapis nodes will take a long time. It’s worth noting that Noelle’s Elemental Burst will work pretty well for this while the skill effect lasts. It’s just her essential skill that holds her back. Almost everyone should have Noelle from the start of the game. She’s a good baseline to work from, both for that reason.

There are alternative ways to mine in genshin impact cor lapis if you don’t have access to a good Geo vision character for this. The primary attack talents of some characters will really deal significant damage to these pebbles.

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Raiden Shogun is not one of them, as demonstrated by our example. Polearms, in general, are not advised for this purpose. Bows, catalysts, and swords aren’t.

No, if you want to quickly break open rocks with basic attacks, the best option is to use a claymore character. Each episode will deplete a significant portion of the health bar, significantly speeding up the process. The damage of your claymore character is irrelevant here. Just a few hits from any claymore will break open the rock. This, paired with Noelle’s burst’s massive range, makes her an excellent affordable choice for your mining needs.

While I previously stated that catalysts should be avoided, there is one exception. Although magic isn’t powerful in mining, explosives and Klee’s auto attacks. These are basically operate as a claymore against rocks, breaking them apart far faster than other characters are capable of.

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How to Use Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact?

Cor Lapis is used as a character ascension material for Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli and a component portion of six separate crafting processes in Genshin Impact. The more crucial usage here is as an ascension material because those characters will need Cor Lapis to raise their maximum level cap.

While Chongyun and Keqing are primarily playing by players who enjoy the characters. Because they are the best option available at the time. Zhongli is well recognized for being one half of the Genshin Impact meta coin for the past year or two – the other half, of course, being Kaedehara Kazuha.

Although Genshin is gradually moving away from Zhongli’s status as a god in both canon and meta, his potent shield ability. Only a few enemies have a viable counter that has proven extremely useful for virtually all of the surface world content and much of the story content thus far.

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Not to mention that we’ve already discussed how Zhongli can be used to mine minerals in this post. These factors combine to make Zhongli the best choice for players hoping for a more straightforward Genshin Impact experience. Playing him will need you to store up on Cor Lapis.

While Zhongli is incredibly valuable, it will require 168 Cor Lapis to level him up from level 1 to level 90, which means you’ll have to farm a lot of this unique regional resource, given that each rock spawn can only ever drop exactly 1 Cor Lapis.

Crafting Recipes That Use Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis may be used to make all of the following goods in crafting Recipes that consume it:

  • Dust-Resistant Potion
  • Essential oil of inaction
  • Dye, Yellow
  • Unmoving Special Essential Oil
  • Resonance Stone of Geoculus
  • Geo Treasure Finder

Dustproof, Unmoving Essential and Special Unmoving Essential oils are all purely optional. Potions may be helpful if you’re having trouble with a particular game aspect, but they can generally be ignored in Genshin Impact — I’ve reached AR57 and have yet to use one.

Yellow Dye is helpful for your Serenitea pot home realm and design options. But it can manufacture cheaply using other goods, which you should do. The other options are easier to harvest in large quantities.

The Geo Treasure Compass and the Geoculus Resonance stone are the only items left. You’ll almost probably want to make the Geo Treasure compass, as it aids in locating missing chests in Liyue when you can’t find them in the wild any longer.

The Geoculus Resonance stones are a bit of a mixed bag – you won’t need them if you can find all of the Geoculus on your own, but doing so in an area as large as Liyue can be a considerable challenge. At 5 Cor Lapis each, these things are pricey, but it’s impossible to deny they’re also quite handy.