Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions

Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Welcome to the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles and Solutions guide, which contains the solutions to all of the puzzles as well as guidance, needs, and the recipes you’ll require.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles Part 1

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles Part 1

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Puzzle 1 (Fire)

Collect logs (near the research lab) and coconut husk (near the coconut tree) > Place a villager in front of the fire > Go to the Love shack, drag a Villager > once it’s fixed, go to Puzzles and claim your prize: Three Lava stones

Puzzle 2 (Fixing the Dock)

Locate three pieces of wood (across the island) and use them to repair the dock (south).

Puzzle 3 (Crafting the Hut)

Find the crafting cabin in the west > Drag a villager east of the crafting cottage to the whale bones > Take the bones to the research area > To acquire a pickaxe, drag another villager to the work bench. Get rid of the tree’s roots > More villagers should be added to the crafts cottage.

Puzzle 4 (Release the Kraken)

Puzzle 1 must be accomplished, as well as building and crafts technology levels 1 and 2.

Drag a villager to the crafting cottage and then pick oil > Select fire > and drag a villager to the crafting cottage.

Puzzle 4 Release the Kraken

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Find the two eyes: the first is on the island’s bottom right cornes, amid the reeds (to the left of the tree), and the second is to the right of where the lava links with the lab, but you’ll need water (from the crafting hut) to cool it down > Drag a villager to the statue of the Kraken > Push both rocks down at the same moment with the help of the locals.

Puzzle 5 (Worship)

Rebuild the four pedestals using villagers with construction and research skills. This problem will be completed once four pedestals have been restored and worshipping villagers have been found. Nursing villagers can also be used to worship.

Puzzle 6 (The Garden)

Place the apple seed in the garden (behind the dead tree next to the crafts cabin, on the ground) and drain the water.

Puzzle 7 (Rhubarb Pie)

Puzzle 7 (Rhubarb Pie)

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Take 3 seeds (from the seed bag beside the research table, near the water bucket) > Apply 3 fertilizers to the garden (crafting hut) > Rhubarb Harvest > Make a rhubarb and dough pie (recipe) > Bake the pie in the oven (bring a villager to the coconut tree’s rocks) > Eat a few slices until you’ve finished the puzzle.

Puzzle 8 (Clay Hut)

Place 12 clay bricks (one at a time) on the clay hut’s foundation.

Puzzle 9 (Antidote)

While it’s raining, 2 adults and a kid must fetch a nest (mouth of the kraken) > while it’s raining, transport the eggs from the crafting house to the nest, then wait for them to hatch create an antidote: Poison (snake nest) + magic = deliver remedy to the pond

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Puzzle 10 (The Water Wheel)

Put a Villager in the woodpile (north of the river) > 2 center components to make (metal, forge bucket, and anvil) > connect the water wheel’s middle components > To finish it, bring a villager to the water wheel.

Puzzle 11 (Fixing the Statue)

Solution for the Blue Statue: Obtain the Blue Diamond: Pour water on the flames > Ruby: Jump Potion (near the tomb) > Build the green statue next to the boulder (designs must be drawn out by a chief) > Blue glass made by hand

Get 3 necklace pieces (daily quest) > Yellow Statue Solution: Gold should be brought to the anvil > Improve your building talents and how to draught blueprints > Yellow glass made by hand

Statue of the Red Solution: Make some soup > construct a clothes hut; after a tech upgrade, a crate of braid will emerge; the flower will then pollinate; transport the pollinated flowers to the tree > Fix the slick rock with a crab (capture it with one adult and one child) > red glass made by hand

Puzzle 12 (Destroying the Kraken)

Simply place the yellow, blue, and red glass in front of each figurine.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles Part 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles Part 2

Puzzle 1 (Residence Hut)

Get 4 water buckets > Douse the cottages with Master Builders (volcanic eruption) > Repair the huts with Master Builders > Build a dwelling hut (southeast of where Kraken was)

Puzzle 2 (Town Center Mural)

Master Builders to the Ruins (Kraken Statue Ruins) > > Do it 5 times > Drawing plans by a master researcher > To the enormous boulder (mural), Master Builder > Paints in the colors red, blue, and red > To the Crafting cottage, Master Builder, to paint

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Puzzle 3 (Scarecrows)

Wait 2 hours after applying fertilizer to the green pumpkin. Master Builder: Make a Scythe out of a Whale Bone Using a scythe, cut yellow grass (master farmer) > Get a large number of branches from the dead Tree (near the crafting house) > Using two ropes, tie the scarecrow together > Bring a youngster to the pumpkin that has been fertilized > Place the scarecrow’s carved pumpkin on his body (master builder)

Puzzle 4 (Demolition)

Go to the location where the Kraken was last seen > Make a hole with a kid near the tree with the chief coat (far left) > Do the same near the garden stairs (far right) > The same may be said about the open jungle (far north) > Make boom sticks out of crates (crafting hub) > Fill each hole with one crate boom stick.

Puzzle 5 (Unwanted Guest)

Drag a villager into the sea (southern coast) and catch a huge bass to feed the bear. Prepare the dough and the oven (Master Farmer) > gently hand it over to the bear.

Puzzle 6 (Flower Garden)

To establish four flower planting locations, place a villager on the debris (where the kraken was). Make a clay pot and planting dirt > Work with a master farmer to place each item (4 of each) in the garden. Plant them all, but fertilize and water them five times each.

Puzzle 7 (Healing Hut)

Requires level 4 research > Collaborate with a master scientist to design the building plans. Build it using builders and then drop a master scientist in it.