Why can’t the Docker machine access the web server?

Why can’t the Docker machine access the web server?

As for this is the address your web server is listening on inside the container and equals all external connections in it. However, without any ports exposed, there is no way to get in!) For those who tried localhost:4000 as the tutorial said but failed:

Can you deploy a web app on Docker?

Refresh the web browser and notice that the theme has changed. Docker is a great way to distribute software and in this post we saw how easy it is to deploy a web application to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. That was a very pleasant experience for me, as the technological solution worked perfectly and did not require much effort.

Why is my Docker app listening on localhost?

Your application is listening on localhost. localhost is scoped to the container itself. Therefore, in order to connect to it, it would have to be inside the container. To fix this, you need to make your app listen on Also, I would recommend using the docker forums, mailing list, or IRC.

Can a .NET application be deployed in a container?

With containers, you can take any application from development to production with little or no code changes, thanks to Docker’s integration into Microsoft’s development tools, operating systems, and cloud. When you deploy to bare virtual machines, you probably already have a method for deploying ASP.NET applications to your virtual machines.

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Can you connect to a docker container on a Mac?

You can’t access container IP addresses directly on mac. You must use localhost with port forwarding. In your example you should be able to connect by running http://localhost:8090 See https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac/networking/#known-limitations- use cases and workarounds

Where can I access the Docker machine from the outside world? is the IP of your Docker host, in this case. You need to expose the port of your container and then you can connect to it from the outside world. I’m not familiar with Docker Compose, but the log you’ve posted suggests that port 8000 is exposed. So try

Why is there no route to host in Docker?

However, you don’t get this during the docker build. and you get stuck on “curl/wget” which doesn’t return “path to host”. The reason is the security set by docker which by default prohibits communication from a container to the host or other containers running on its host.