When do you get a protractor error?

When do you get a protractor error?

The transporter works asynchronously and promises when you want to retrieve the value. Similar to this, all errors in the protractor are promises that contain errors. To handle a promise, we have to resolve it and then we have to check if it is a promise with value or exception.

How to check if an element is present with protractor?

In Protractor, there are several ways to check if an element is present in the DOM. Let’s see them with examples: – In the previous article, we have discussed locators to find the elements on the web page in the protractor Check if the element is present on the page. Return true if the element is present on the page or return false.

Why is the item not interactable in Jenkins transporter?

Try to check if you are running the test on your local machine and Jenkins with the same screen resolution. (This could be the reason for the obscured element) Enable stacktrace in the Protractor configuration: new SpecReporter ( { spec: { displayStacktrace: true } }) so you can see exactly which element is throwing the error.

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How to handle alerts and popups in transporter?

Or, if we test a web application with Selenium JavaScript and try to log in to a website, but don’t add an email ID or password in the required fields, the program sends an alert. This is precisely what I will talk about today.

Where does the 401 unauthorized error message come from?

401 Unauthorized error messages are often customized by each website, especially very large ones, so be aware that this error can come in more ways than these common ones: 401 Unauthorized error is displayed within the window of the web browser, just like web pages do. .

How to fix the 401 error [5 soluciones]?

Then, in the Bulk Actions dropdown, select Disable and click the Apply button: After that, try reloading the page that returned the 401 error to see if this resolved the issue. If so, you can manually enable each plugin, one at a time, to determine which one is causing the problem.

What is the 401 error code at Kinsta?

What is the 401 error code? The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) defines the 401 Unauthorized error as: The status code 401 (Unauthorized) indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.

Why is my protractor test not working for angular?

For Angular apps, you should see a global getAllAngularTestabilities method. Asynchronous and multi-component WebDriver tests can cause multiple timeout errors in a Protractor test. One of them may be the “Waiting for Angular” error. Here is the information from the transporter documentation:

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How does the protractor test for asynchronous tasks?

Before taking any action, Protractor waits until there are no pending async tasks in your Angular application. This means that all HTTP requests and timeouts have ended. An error in your test results will look like this: Timed out waiting for asynchronous Angular tasks to finish after 11 seconds.