When did Windows 10 build 21354 come out?

When did Windows 10 build 21354 come out?

Windows 10 Build 21354 Windows 10 Build 21354 is the thirteenth Insider Preview build of Cobalt. This build was released on April 7, 2021 to all Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel as the first of the co_release branch, where Co is the chemical symbol for cobalt.

Is there a Windows 10 21h2 ISO available?

If you’re a Windows 10 Insider and want to do a clean install, Microsoft has now made a new version of Windows 10 21H2 available, in the form of an ISO. The new ISO is the new build 21354 of the operating system that Microsoft released to Insiders today. That build had the following new features:

What to expect in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 21354?

In Build 21354, we are continuing that effort. The Windows Accessories, Windows Administrative Tools, Windows PowerShell, and Windows System folders have now been removed from Start, and applications within these folders can now be accessed via the Windows Tools entry point that directs to the list full of applications in File Explorer.

What is the latest version of Windows 10?

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 version 21H2 Build 21354 for experts on the Dev Channel. Read more about the new features and changes that build 21354 brings by clicking here. It has also made the official ISO images of Windows 10 21H2 Build 21354 available to download for manual installations.

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Where is the co_release branch in Windows 10?

Starting with today’s build, Windows Insiders will notice that the name of the branch we’re releasing builds from, as shown in the desktop watermark at the bottom right of the desktop, has changed to CO_RELEASE. Just like we did in October when we released builds from the FE_RELEASE branch, we can change which branch we release builds from.

Where is Windows 10 Insider Settings?

In Settings > Update & security > Change active hours, you’ll find the option turned on to “Automatically adjust active hours for this device based on activity” if you’ve never set this feature before. We are starting to roll out a change for Insiders that turns on this setting by default.