How To Unlock FFXIV Shadowbringers Relic Weapons?

Unlock FFXIV Shadowbringers Relic Weapons

The Shadowbringers expansion in Final Fantasy XIV has some amazing new relic weapons for us to obtain. Collect and unlock all nine of these powerful items will increase your character’s power more than any other item before it, so if you’ve been looking forward to fighting with such an edge then keep reading!

The Bozja Blades is a glowing sword that can be obtained by completing three different quests given out by players who found them during their adventures throughout Eorzea or through special events like triumphs at the end game phase called raid battles.

It happen every week depending on time zone differences between east coast United States (EST) gamers vs west coast USA (PST). One player was able find one while playing around outside Palamecia. (The main city)

Shadowbringers Relic Weapon

If you’re looking for the best way to get your hands on an endgame weapon in Final Fantasy XIV, look no further than this article! We’ve got all of the information about what weapons are available and where they can be found.

Unlock FFXIV Shadowbringers Relic Weapons

You can’t just go picking up a weapon and using it. You have to start from the beginning for each one, so many steps are involved!

Step 1: How To Make Resistance Weapons?

The first weapon you will get in game is at 485 item level. it was released with patch 5.25, and can only be obtained through completing the main scenario quest ‘ shadowbringers’ as well four other side quests: “the city of lost angels” (which needs to done beforehand), hail to the queen-, path to past- fire in forge.”

For every other weapon after this, complete the quest “resistance is (not) futile” as your current job. you need to turn in four Thavnairian Scalepowders to Zlatan and get 250 Allagan Tomestones of poetics for each vendor which is purchasable from Aauriana or Hismena in revenant’s toll at a cost of 250 stones per character slot!

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Step 2: How To Improve Your Resistance Weapons?

The next step is to upgrade your resistance weapon to level 500, increasing its stats and item level. In patch 5.35, this was included! To get the augmented version of any one or all weapons: complete “vows of virtue deeds cruelty” main scenario quest

How To Improve Your Resistance Weapons

Complete side quests “a sober proposal” and “where eagles nest” have an augmented resistence weapon from step 1 ready go see zlatan at gangos accept repeatable quests ‘for want of a memory’ then complete 20 tortured memories from dying -20 sorrowful memories-and 20 harrowing memory obtaing them before turning them over for honor points towards unlocking this beautiful new feature as well as allowing players who have.

If you’re tired of doing Bozja, there are other ways to get these items. You can earn the yellow Tortured Memory of the Dying by completing FATEs in Coerthas Western Highlands and Sea Cloud s; it’s also available as a reward for successfully completing certain challenges that appear when you enter any Dravanian Foreland or Churning Mists area.

Sorrowful Memories from dying will be given out if your luck is good enough while exploring Azys Ila on Llymlaen .

Finally, Harrowing Moments come only through challenging yourself with tough foes within Hinterlands zones like those found around Windst deviations.

You do not need to earn the memories as a job. For example, if you want a White Mage cane its best that way when playing through until time of turning in quest items and weapon reward spot is open up early on!

Step 3: How To Make Recollection Weapons?

The third step gives your Recollection of Shadowbringers relic weapon an iconic glow, though the item level stays at 500. This was added in patch 5.35 to make it more of a challenge for players who have already obtained some gear and are looking to do better or get into endgame content earlier than expected!

To Get Started:

Complete all previous steps in Final Fantasy XIV listed above (including completing “The Will to Resist” quest from Zlatan). Then go talk about six Bitter Memories with Gangos villagers near his campfire outside Moss cloth tents – here where you need them if he wants blood instead coins as payment.

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For those willing to put in the time, effort and dedication necessary for a true victory there can be great rewards. Entering into our level 60 dungeons not only grants us with items from defeated enemies but also memories of them as well! An act that could have been seen by some mightily difficult at first glance has now become much more manageable through this simple process.

Completing Roulette Dungeons daily allows one memory per day which will allow you access even when playing other jobs or just changing characters around (though we don’t recommend doing so).

Step 4: How To Get Law’s Order Weapons?

Gradually, the exo-suit has been improved upon. The latest upgrade for shadowbringers relic weapon is called Law’s Order and it boosts your weapon level to 510 from just one step in this new suit!

How To Get Law’s Order Weapons

You’ll need some hard work on behalf of Gangos’ Zlatan if you want him for any more upgrades but he will give 15 loathsome memories as well so make sure those go through before turning them into him – after all they could help us understand what goods come next.

The gray Loathsome Memories of the Dying are rewards for beating a boss in Castrum Lacus Litore, clearing any Crystal Tower raid and completing critical missions with Bozja. To get these memories you don’t need to play as anything specifically but just beat some foes- they’re available no matter what job or class!

Step 5: How To Improve Order Weapons Of Your Law?

With the release of patch 5.45, players can now Augment their Law’s Order weapons to boost its item level from 400 up another five notches! The special glowing effect will be added on top when you do so and make it easier than ever before for those looking into upgrading what they have or getting started with this type altogether.

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Just remember that there are certain requirements in order complete these tasks: completing all steps above while also accepting quests offered by Resistance groups around Azeroth; turning over 18 hauntings memories one each day through weekly trials during Week 1 (lasting until Sunday), then again every week after

If the pink Haunting Memories of a Dying drop from Shadow of Mhach alliance raids and FATEs in Gyr Abania, then you will find this memory amongst other lost treasures. The yellow Vexatious Memories also come with an orange tint but are more common than their pearly counterpart as they can typically be found on Return to Ivalice Alliance missions or DTOEs throughout all regions except for Malkuth Valemark where these soulbound tokens do not exist at all!

Timeworn Artifacts are a rare drop from doing Palace of the Dead and Bozja’s Delubrum Reginae raid.

Step 6: How Do You Get The Weapon For Your Blade?

This step, which was added in patch 5.55, grants you a 535 item level Shadowbringers relic weapon in Final Fantasy XIV.

To obtain this weapon, follow these steps:

  • Complete all of the preceding stages.
  • Begin the side quest “What Dreams are Made of” with Gerolt in Gangos.
  • Accept “Spare Parts,” “Tell Me a Story,” and “A Fond Memory,” the three quests that appear.
  • Collect the 30 Compact Axles, Compact Springs, and Compact Bearings.
  • A Day in the Life: Beyond the Rift,
  • A Day in the Life: Beyond the Rift Turn in the books Bleak Memories of Dying and Lurid Memories of Dying. (Yes, there are 180 pieces in total!)
  • Begin the quest “Irresistible,” which can be completed multiple times.
  • Collect 15 raw emotions and turn them in.

Zadnor can provide you with the 180 items you’ll need as you complete the above steps. These things can also be obtained by finishing particular raids, but you will not be rewarded for undertaking these raids without being synced.

You’ll be finished with your first Shadowbringers relic weapon after that. If you like the look of any of the steps in between, you can buy a duplicate from Regana in Gangos to use for glamour.