How to remove duplicate rows in Redshift Stack Overflow?

How to remove duplicate rows in Redshift Stack Overflow?

Simple answer to this question: 1 First, create a temporary table from the main table where the value of row_number=1. 2 Second, delete all the rows from the main table where we had duplicates. 3 Then insert the values ​​from the temporary table into the main table.

How to mirror a table in redshift-popsql?

You can duplicate or “clone” the contents of a Redshift table by executing a CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statement: CREATE TABLE newtable AS SELECT * FROM originaltable; You can duplicate or “clone” the contents of a Redshift table by running CREATE TABLE

How do I update the destination table on redshift?

You can update a table by referencing information from other tables. List these other tables in the FROM clause or use a subquery as part of the WHERE condition. Tables listed in the FROM clause can be aliased. If you need to include the target table of the UPDATE statement in the list, use an alias.

How to drop a table in Amazon Redshift?

Consider using the TRUNCATE command for fast unqualified delete operations on large tables; see TRUNCATE. Vacuum the table to reclaim storage space and reorder rows. Parse the table to update the query planner statistics. USING table_name,

How does the function row _ number ( ) work in redshift?

The Redshift row_number() function typically assigns a row number to each row via the partition set and order by clause specified in the statement. If the partitioned rows have the same values, the row number will be specified using the order by clause. ROW_NUMBER () ON (

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How to find duplicate rows in a table?

You will need to remove duplicate rows in the table before a unique index can be added. A great way to find duplicate rows is by using window functions, supported by most major databases. Consider a tracking table deduplication with duplicates: the following query chooses the email column to deduplicate,

Is it possible to duplicate a redshift primary key?

Since Redshift doesn’t enforce a unique primary key, it’s also duplicate – Neil Jun 2 ’16 at 4:24 @Neil just expanded the answer with a case for duplicate IDs/no PK. — Ziggy Crueltyfree Zeitgeister