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Roblox Grand Piece Online Map

Locations are islands in the Roblox game that convey a backstory as the player progresses through them one by one.

Each island in Roblox Grand Piece Map needs the player to be of a certain level, and certain islands are only utilized for purposes other than leveling up, such as learning a Fighting Style or containing Purchasable.

As of Update 2.5, below is a Roblox Grand Piece Online Map list of all the islands in the game. Enjoy!

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Roblox Grand Piece Online Map
NamesRecommended LevelsPurchaseablesDrops
Marine Fort F-1AnyNoneNone
Sandora10+NoneLucid Bazooka (25%)
Shell’s Town20+Galleon, 
Potions, Barrels
Logan Metal Jaw (25%)
Island Of Zou30+Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style)Zou Inhabitants Carrot (50%)
Baratie40+Black LegNone
Orange Town50+NoneStar Clown Buggy Cape (10%)
Mysterious CliffAnyRokushikiNone
Roca IslandAnyOne-Sword-Style, 
Sphinx Island55+NoneGorilla King Crown (5%)
Arlong Park70+NoneArlong Kiribachi (5%)
Kori Island80+Busoshoku HakiNone
Land of the Sky105+Kenbunshoku Haki, 
Gravito’s Fort160+NoneGravito Hoverboard (1%)
Gravito’s Cape(5%)
Gravity Blade (5%)
Fishman CaveAnyBubbleNone
Fishman Island190+Fishman KarateNone
Fishman ColosseumAnyNoneNone
Ryu’s Palace210+NoneRyu Shark Necklace (5%) 
Ryu’s Blade (5%)
Neptune’s Throne230+NoneNeptune’s Trident (1%)
Neptune’s Crown(5%)
Marine Base G-1240+NoneFlame Admiral Zeke Marine Captain’s Cape (5%)
Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%)
Bisento (1%)
Coco IslandAnyDiable JambeNone
Sea Beast (Rough Waters)Recommended level 200+NoneSea Serpent’s Core (1%)
Seabeast Katana (5%) Slayer’s Mask (comes in different colors) (1%)
Random Fruit (3%)
???? Shrine325+World ScrollNone
Reverse Mountain325+Eternal PoseNone

Grand Piece Online Map FAQ’S

How do I get to the Sky Island in the grand piece?
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It is the game’s largest island, with multiple sub-locations of its own. The only way to get there is to ride a Knock-Up Stream. It is only suggested that you visit here if you are level 105 or higher, as the first mission is only available to those who are level 105 or higher, and landing on the floating beach will damage your boat.

Where is sky blue Katana grand piece?

The SkyBlue Katana is a Rare Weapon Style-compatible sword that drops 5% of the time from the Head Guardian at Skypiea’s Sky Castle.