Dual Family Guide (Walkthrough The Father and Son Bedroom)

Dual Family Guide

Welcome to the Dual Family Walkthrough and Guide, where we’ll show you how to unlock all of the game’s scenes by unlocking all of the game’s levels and secrets. Because you can play as either The Father or The Son. We’ll give you both walkthroughs in this Dual Family Guide.

There are other hidden things and gallery scenes to discover:

  • Items with a secret: You must click on specific items/locations.
  • Scenes from the gallery: Make some actions mandatory during the walkthrough,.

About The Father Master Bedroom (Dual Family Walkthrough)

  • Submit Hallway: Secret item (light switch – left side) & Master Bedroom: Secret item (light switch – left side) Enter by knocking.
  • Side with her in her bedroom > Gallery scene (touch her face – not her leg) > Give your daughter a hug
  • Check on your daughter > Look for your wife > Go Downstairs > Follow your wife > Gallery scene (negotiate with her) > Go Downstairs
  • Kitchen: Gallery scenario (prepare black and bitter coffee) > Cream & Sugar Table: Secret item (as soon as you sit down, click on the coffee cup) > Inquire about her day:
  • Outside: It is preferable to use the daughter path.
  • Keep up with the times: A well-balanced selection
  • Cancel: It’s a better approach for the wife.
  • Say nothing at the table > talk about yourself > bring up a previous interaction > Follow your daughter into her room.
  • Sympathize with your daughter’s room.
  • Wife wakes you up in the guest bedroom: Charm her > Enjoy the irde
  • The Arboretum as a Gallery (outside date)
  • TV Room: Secret item (as soon as you can, click on TV) > watching tv
  • Son’s room: Go through all of the rooms until you reach the stairwell.
  • Shopping, dining, and a movie theatre are all available at the mall.
  • Wavy dress > Shop (clothing store): Secret item (mannequin’s head)
  • Snack bar > Gallery scene in the cinema (ask about the injury)
  • Wife’s room (wife scene) and Guest room after supper (daughter scene)
  • Gallery (daughter’s room+ end the exposition scene) > Guest Room: search \sKitchen: Keep an eye on the gals.
  • Take a shower in the bathroom.
  • Secret object in daughter’s room (camera – left) > Keep an eye on things.
  • Dinner: You’re touched by your niece…
  • Secret object (pink cushion – right side) in a dream > Guest room > Foyer is a no-no (agree with wife)
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Dual Family Guide

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The Father Bedroom Walkthrough 2nd Part

  • Plane: Seat with wife (relationship, daughter, hold her hand & kiss her) or Karen (relationship, daughter, grasp her hand & kiss her) (comfront, Refuse, Submit & Cover her leg)
  • House of Law: amiable > Dispute over Karen > Small conversation > Current suit
  • Ditch her > Swim > Cave > Beach: Secret item (left umbrella pole) (Connecting with daughter)
  • Drink > refuse > let her to continue in the hot tub
  • House of Law: Refrain from addressing her feelings > Approach Karen > Gallery scene (get daughter) > Persist > Follow her > Kiss her > Refrain from addressing her feelings >
  • Beach: Apply for Assistance > a top-secret item (grass)
  • Visit your mother-in-place law’s > get in the car > persist > obey > Noboty or you > Enter Dream: Exit into Hallway at Daughter-in-Residence Law’s > Open > Knock > Kitchen Theater: Embrace > Secret item (lid) > TV Room > Upstairs / Daughter’s room (admit)

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About The Son Master Bedroom (Dual Family Walkthrough)

  • let her to continue > your bedroom: secret item (ball) > Gallery scenario (comfort her) > Blame dad Pick up the guitar > Play whatever you want > Put it down > Remove guitar > Call > Reply (*) > Blow his mind…
  • If you respond, you will be invited to a party with your cousin.
  • You will unlock a dream with your sister and mother if you ignore them.
  • Check on mom in the hallway > enter > conceal > slip across > secret item (ceiling fan bulb) > sneak out > confess truth
  • Hallway: Check on sister > inquire about school > inquire about mom and dad > offer her to party (if not, scene with Karen) > move in closer > complement her leave > gallery scene (insist that she stay) > return to room
  • Party: socialise (hoodie girl) > talk with sister > Investigate (outside balcony + approach) > leave and return Enter corridor > approach girl > explore > kitchen > explore > kitchen > kitchen > kitchen > kitchen > kitchen > kitchen > kitchen > kitchen If you didn’t invite cousin, go upstairs (scene with Karen).
  • Be a male (much better if your sister is present) or Send it in (better is sister is not there)
  • (Only if you ignore the phone sms) Dream: (moon) secret item > Choose your favourite character (mom, sibling, or someone else).
  • Bedroom: Investigate > Kitchen > Approach > Move Behind Her > Hug > Let Go
  • Garage: Compliment > Bench & Squats > Secret scene (left side of the weight plate)
  • Bedroom. Get out of bed and wake her awake > Leave into hall Hallway > stay and peek > Secret item (lamp shade) > Gallery scene (depart for cousin) > leave into hall Hallway > stay and peek > Hide in the master suite > Bedroom: The dance > her and dad > touh her hand > agree to unock > teach her Bedroom: The dance > her and dad > touh her hand > agree to unock > teach her
  • Downstairs at night > refrain > gallery scene (sleep) > Return with a kiss and a touch.
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The Son Bedroom Walkthrough 2nd Part

  • Plane: Scene in a gallery (pull her top back up)
  • Car: Forgive him (he’ll come to your aid in the future) or avoid him (evicting him from house)
  • Secret item (blue vase) at Aunt’s place > Check the hallway > get closer > peek > embrace
  • Come to the beach with your sister (admit activities) or stay with the others (Karen or mom and aunt) > secret item (floral towel)
  • Open the bathroom door > allow her to continue > turn on the hot tub (tak with mom)
  • Aunt’s house: Be quiet > take a peek around the corner
  • Bathroom: Secret item (bottle of soap) > Drugs (better for mom route) or Cash (more social choices with girls) or her (scene with Aunt)
  • Shop for clothes at: Change in front of her > Offer to pay (only if “cash” is your last option)
  • Aunt’s place: Peek
  • Exit into the hall and go to your sister’s or master bedroom (your choice)
  • Yes or no (it makes no difference) > cockpit > secret item (circular altitude dial) > back TV Room: Pull her leg