Clash Of Clans December (Christmas) 2020 Update

Today Super Cell released a YouTube video with a beautiful teaser for the Christmas tree, showing all the troops preparing for the Christmas celebrations.

Clash Of Clans Christmas 2020 Update (Sneak Peak)

COC December 2020 update

The popular strategy game Clash of Clans (COC) still has a popular fan base, thanks to their timely updates and equally entertaining events. However, after their 8th anniversary, only major changes were introduced in the 2020 Summer Update and Autumn 2020 updates. Fans are eager to learn about more events for the future, especially if any changes give the game a better balance. Well, this December‌, we can see some changes coming to your favorite game.

In this Clash of Clans December 2020 update, we will see a new beautiful Christmas tree, we will see the introduction of Super Potion as a new magic item, which we will discuss in this article along with some other updates.

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Magic Item: Super Potion

After the introduction of the popular Super Troops in the Clash of Clans fan base, Super Cell came up with the idea of ​​having items similar to the Super Troops in the game. So, the idea is to have super potion in the upcoming game in this update.

Clash Of Clans Christmas 2020 Update

According to available data, Super Potion is a magic item that allows you to increase Super Troop instead of spending the necessary dark elixir. Each super potion increases the super troop for a maximum of 3 days. Super Potion in Clan Games will be rewarded for completing the event and will also sell for 300 gems at Trader.

  • More details of Super Potion will be updated soon.
  • Super Troop is reduced in time and cost

In other announcements, Clash of Clans Super Troop confirmed the upgrade cost as well as the duration reduction. After the update goes live, the Super Troop boost duration will be reduced from 7 days to 3 days. Once you raise a Super Troop, you will no longer be attached to that Super Troop all week.

As the boost duration is reduced, the cost of upgrading troops is also reduced. The dark elixir needed to augment the Super Troops was reduced to 25,000 Dark Elixir per Super Troop.

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A maximum of two super troops can be raised together

After the Summer 2020 update, you can raise a maximum of two Super Troops at the same time. For example, you can upgrade to Sneaky Goblin and Super Wall Breaker and play together. It allows the player to try many strategies for agriculture and Clan Wars.

Clash Of Clans December (Christmas) 2020 Update

Also, the regular version of the troupe can now be trained alongside their super troupe version. This comes as a surprise to many, as it gives players a huge attack boost. Imagine Witch and Super Witch together destroying buildings with their skeletons and Big Boys!

These are all for the update sneak peeks we know. For more updates, stay tuned as we will be Updating them soon!

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